Saturday, November 22, 2008

Haha. .

gaw kita ra duha ga post dani nge. .
hahaha. .
musta nman mo??
au2 mo. .

story i by mikee

magshare ko..

guess what? while everybody was enjoying the activities during Xavier days, i was sitting in my chair in CIT 2 classroom wishing i can go enjoy like the rest of the people did. hahai. nursing. naa mi class last friday, 1:30-4:30. kaila mu ug grabe ka unfair? huhuhuhuhuhuhu.

but anyways, the good thing about nursing is that i learn lots of stuffs like handwashing must be at least 10-15 seconds and the area above the sacrum is the center of gravity in our body and the rest, blah blah blah.. i don't find everything amusing. some are just plain boring.

second but is another bad thing. almost everything that nursing students do during RLE time punishes us with an extension. [1 day extension = 3 hours a day] only things allowed are hair in a tight bun with a net, watch and proper uniform. We are not allowed to wear jewelries, be late for 1 second, be absent and a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot more... hahai. fyi, i already have an extension because i forgot to remove my earrings. My punishment is 1 day extension and confiscation of my earrings. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

that's all. haha. see you around, people.

P.S. ma'am. mag christmas party ba daw ta?
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