Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a season of growth

mass before immersion
i was quite excited about our first immersion in manolo fortich.
we have prepared quite extensively for it.
it took me three trips before i got the whole thing settled.
but no matter how prepared we are, some things are still beyond our control.
the people did not know were on immersion! harhar!
i wanted to die.
but the Lord does things His way.
i dont understand how he makes things possible when i was near hopeless.
it just affirms my belief that somehow im meant for this.
being with people, learning from them, seeing them constantly with new eyes.
it was a humbling experience.
it was God reminding me,
hey! thanks for the help shal, but this is my show.
padaplin beh! hehe
Yes Lord. :)

flowers and bees

pongracz bees...

i may have grown mature over the years coz i am less impatient, less prone to hysterics, less demanding of my students.

pongracz bees...

they have made me proud in so many ways.:)
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