Saturday, August 04, 2007

at long last

last year has been especially memorable. i have a class every moderator dreams of having. it has been a challenge to make them understand that they have to be the living proof of what it means to do more than they think possible, to accept defeats with a hopeful heart, to listen in spite of having heard the same thing over and over again, to laugh even if its about themselves, to care beyond skills, status, overbearing behavior, apathy and obnoxiousness, to cry even if it hurt too much, to study amidst fear of failure, to still understand beyond a classmate's or teacher's failure to do so, and to support each other even if they dont like each other coz they know what it means to be a class.

to my pongracz, you have loved so much and have given so much. i pray that you continue to be the proof so that others may "see" what it means to be a real friend. i am so much grateful and will continue to be grateful for what you have given me.

this is my small token of friendship and love. See the Proof! :)

ecce signum

at long last


nice au noh!!!!
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