Monday, December 03, 2007

let me tell you bout the birds and the bees!!

this image reminds me of mighty ducks.. duck formation!

ybonne of pongracz and pamela of gonzalez

from an organizer's point of view, everything seems topsy turvy. typical of both sections. hahahaha! but it was fun to see black and gold on the courts! i'm not quite sure they had fun.. i guess we were not able to sufficiently break the ice. they were, after all, strangers. hmmnn.. bad mistake. they behaved admirably well. i was sure the war games would be a real war but it seemed like people were holding themselves in check.. as if waiting for the other to break an unspoken rule on respect.. haha!

official results:

basketball boys: pongracz

basketball girls: gonzalez

voleyball: gonzalez

softball: gonzalez

war games: pongracz

there's no over-all champion. it was just as well coz the whole purpose was team-building. pongracz strength was its unity, gonzalez its competitiveness. i hope they do learn from each other. and i pray they become friends. :)

until the next game!

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