Saturday, February 03, 2007


weeeeeeeeeeee... nakasulod ra jud ko. haha.

Well, what can i say of my section? hmmm..
Definitely one of a kind. No class has the very unique bond that we have. We may fight, tease, shout and laugh at each other but we do love, care and appreciate each other's presence. We didn't receive awards from the contests in school but we are still winners in a sense that we really did try our best and we knew we did. Each of us is different but when we combine our powers......poof! magic happens. Like they said, opposites attract. haha.
In 8 months, we managed to be very close friends who lend hands if needed. So what if we don't always understand Chemistry, solve Algebra problems and memorize the Greek mythology? At least, we know that we can't and we just try hard to overcome our weaknesses. We're humans. We're not perfect but we're real.
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