Saturday, October 14, 2006

hail mary!

the brains behind the altar: JOY
the altar boys

the altar started out as a jumble of materials nobody really wanted. i guess. and some stuff JOY bought to make the whole thing presentable. i was impressed with the whole concept and the fact that JOY researched the whole thing, though i was worried about how the first draft (which i graded as your CH project) was assembled. it totally ran counter to my symmetrical aesthetic sensibilities. haha! but i have great respect for the artist. i was just convinced that the old altar arrangement wouldnt win. so i changed personality and became the moderator! so i can suggest a new concept. less frills, more solid colors, more flowers and plants. i had hoped our Mary wouldnt stop pouting. but she still is. haayy. why is she not happy? huhu. :)

sugar and spice and everything nice!

i truly wanted to upload pictures. new ones. but this internet cafe refuses to give me a pc with cd rom. grrrr.

anyway, just wanna tell you that my second quarter exam is the hardest i've made so far. it took me almost a day to draft!

anyway again, i met with ronald, jonathan, marky, myko, al, kristian and who else(?) today for the design of your BM streamer. why did u choose the color violet?! its very difficult to find colors that match. well, hope your streamer looks professional. basta dapat dili hugaw og gubot ang mixture of colors. ronald ha! please help each other.:)

i'll try asking again if i could upload ur pics.
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