Saturday, November 22, 2008

Haha. .

gaw kita ra duha ga post dani nge. .
hahaha. .
musta nman mo??
au2 mo. .

story i by mikee

magshare ko..

guess what? while everybody was enjoying the activities during Xavier days, i was sitting in my chair in CIT 2 classroom wishing i can go enjoy like the rest of the people did. hahai. nursing. naa mi class last friday, 1:30-4:30. kaila mu ug grabe ka unfair? huhuhuhuhuhuhu.

but anyways, the good thing about nursing is that i learn lots of stuffs like handwashing must be at least 10-15 seconds and the area above the sacrum is the center of gravity in our body and the rest, blah blah blah.. i don't find everything amusing. some are just plain boring.

second but is another bad thing. almost everything that nursing students do during RLE time punishes us with an extension. [1 day extension = 3 hours a day] only things allowed are hair in a tight bun with a net, watch and proper uniform. We are not allowed to wear jewelries, be late for 1 second, be absent and a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot more... hahai. fyi, i already have an extension because i forgot to remove my earrings. My punishment is 1 day extension and confiscation of my earrings. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

that's all. haha. see you around, people.

P.S. ma'am. mag christmas party ba daw ta?

Friday, November 21, 2008




unsaon diai kung mag post ka og kanta? hehehe!


haha. . nka ost njud si bainz. .
hehehe. .

Kumusta nmo tanan??
hehehe. .

Thursday, November 20, 2008

UNSAON mani??

TEST!!! mka post nko??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


si bainz d ka post dani!!!hahahaha


Hi bees!!!

I suggest that everyone actively participate in sharing with the rest of us your stories, bloopers, experiences, greetings, music, poems, etc. hahaha! Just email me your emali address and you can just get in and post here! Just like what Paul is doing.

The good thing about it is that we have control as to who writes in our blog. Wala nay mag anonymous unless you tell other people your username and password. hahaha!!

So please contact me at

Reminder! Please tell us who you are when you post ok?

Make this hive active!! Im looking forward to hearing your stories.. :)

Ma'am Alice
Hahaha. . lage nmali lang ko ug type ahh. .
hahahaha. . musta nman dha???


wala man nawala ang blog, paul.. ang chatbox man ang nawala. aw, haha. sorry2x. wala lang gyud koi lingaw. im so bored. and bored. and bored. and bored. sorry2x. haha.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

La Na. .

Thanks sa pag wala sa blog maam. .


Due to valid requests, I am permanently shutting down the chatbox application for our blog. For those who wish to post share, please email me your email address so that i can give you permission to post here. :)