Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Proposal for Christmas Party

5 December 2007

Dear Ma'am Alice and Pongracz bees;

I would like to ask you if you would like to have a Christmas Party after the exams. Just like last year, we will just eat and have exchanging of gifts. A small program and games can be done if you want to. It will be on the 21st (afternoon after the exams) or on the 22nd (Saturday) if all of you would agree. This may be the last Christmas party we will have that everybody is present (except for Melissa, of course). hihi.

Any violent reactions? Leave your messages on the chatbox.

Thank you. See you around.

Mikaela Abigael R. Uychiat

Formal letter - our lesson in English this morning. nyahaha.
But seriously, please comment.
see you. see you.

ang wa pa nagbayad sa 50 php for our sportfest na human na, pagbayad namu oi.

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