Saturday, January 20, 2007

the buzz

hey guys! please do not use other people's names in the tagboard. since nobody has posted in this blog yet, im allowing the cbox for the moment. but if this continues, if people aer not respectful and honest and mature enough, i may have to pull out the tagboard. that way we dont have to worry about impostors. but the disadvantage be the only one making myself heard in this blog.*sigh*

Monday, January 15, 2007


consider the possibilities:
20 girls, 21 boys
room 303, xuhs
let your imagination run wild
imagine the power of 41
cramming themselves in your tiny heart
i am undeserving
i am unworthy
i love.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

open setting

i have decided to temporarily open our blog to all while everyone is still adjusting to the new setting.

here are instructions so you can enter our blog site and be able to post:
1. open you email. there should be a letter from me (jedi knight) inviting you to post in our blog.
2. follow the instructions in the letter. you will be asked to register to google or gmail.
3. use mozilla firefox if you have it coz its so much faster than internet explorer.
4. if you changed e-mail add please inform me.
5. when you post to see the proof, use your goggle or gmail account.

hope to see your posts soon!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

changes to our blog

hello! these are the changes to our blog:

first, i will be editing the template of our blog regulary so expect zanny, cool, weird templates. that is if i'm not too busy.

second, i have allowed you to post in our blog. that simply means you can be like me! you can post your pictures, videos, thoughts, angst, joys, and everything else. but beware of vulgar stuff. i have no idea actually how this works yet. if i find a new post not from me here then that means it works. hehe.

third, i have changed the setting to make this blog exclusive to our class. that means no outsiders will get to see, comment, nor criticize it!

fourth, if you have a personal blog please tell me so i can link thee.

enjoy blogging!
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