Saturday, June 23, 2007

things i remember about pongracz

you realize how much a class means to you when

  • you see them in the fifth floor and you miss the fact thay you cant nag them about cleaning the classroom.
  • you find yourself on UNLIMITED texting mode and finding an excuse to text them over nothing.
  • seeing them brings out the biggest smile in you.
  • you talk to their new teachers and give unsolicited advice how to handle them.
  • you look at pictures over and over again.
  • their text messages warms your heart.
  • your heart swell to see them so fine and handsome and beautiful and you can actually say, "they're mine!" (used to be.haha!)
  • they text you hi and you have to reply back!
  • passing by your old classroom brings back memories of general cleaning, homerooms, banana cue feasts, practices and you actually become short of breath.
  • you think you can never have a class as lovable as they are but you actually do.

but one of the greatest thing about all this is that you know you will always have them whenever and wherever coz they are inside your heart like a disease and you actually like it. haha!

pongracz you are never forgotten and you will always have me as your friend. stay good.

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