Friday, September 19, 2008

No class day!!!!

Today is Friday and we don't have a class because of our Intramurals. The school give time for the athletes and also, it's our time to support our school/team. Hehe.

I woke up so early this morning because I sleep early last night. Grrr! I wasn't able to finish watching Rakista and the rest of my favorite teleseryes in Kapamilya chanel. Makaulit jud!

I went to XU this afternoon just to watch games. I'm so alone until Karl came. I'm so glad that I have a company but then he leaves me. I can't beg him to stay because I think he had important matters with the Crusader. And I'm alone again...I'm all by myself until my cousin texted me that she'll go into my school and she needs a company. And so met...I fetch her at the entrance gate.

We went to the canteen and we saw my other canteen...we ate there cousin had lunch while I had Pinipig icecream! And then we talked about so many things particularly about school stuffs. And after that, we roam around the some games...and then we parted ways.

Mao lang sa na akong chikka. I have so many things to say about this week but I hate to talk about it...I'm so depressed...well, Life is full of trials and pains! =(


Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 + reasons why i switched to facebook

1. no messy layouts.
2. thousands of fun applications to share with friends.
3. more friends who are actually active and not hibernating.
4. more friends from out of 'pinas whom i have not heard from in 20 years. haha!
5. my own virtual version of hershey courtesy of pokey.
6. grow trees online.
7. save the forest online.
8. give cool gifts and exchange them with friends.
9. user-friendly applications.
10. greenies!
11. friends use their real names. haha!